AccuVein - Aesthetic Bruise Prevention

Why AccuVein for Aesthetics?

When performing aesthetic procedures, the AccuVein system can help avoid veins when administering cosmetic injectables. This results in a more effective procedure with less discomfort. By visually seeing your vessels during the procedure, our staff can effectively minimize the risk of bruising.

How Does AccuVein work? Is it painful?

AccuVein is a simple device that detects Hemoglobin in your blood. The systems uses infrared light to create an image. Once created, the image is projected back onto your skin to highlight vessels under the skin for access and avoidance. Since there is only a light sensor, there is no pain or discomfort with AccuVein.

Will AccuVein interfere with my procedure?

Not at all! AccuVein can actually help improve your results by helping our staff reduce the possibility of bruising.
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