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The Ideal Protein Protocol has 4 phases that were designed to help you lose the weight, but more importantly to educate our patients how to keep it off.*

What is Ideal Weight?

Are you looking for a Brooklyn weight loss program? Ideal Weight is the answer! Based on a scientifically proven, medically supervised diet that is safe, quick, EFFECTIVE and most importantly shows you how to keep that weight off! Our program helps you create a lifestyle to help you reach your ideal weight goals. A diet coach will help you through the program; 4 phase process, which features a combination of weight loss and maintenance. Our program truly helps you find a healthy balance in life.

Phase 1

Weight Loss

To be followed until 100% of your weight loss goal is achieved

Phase 2

New Foods

Adding more food varieties of your choice, back into your diet

Phase 3


Stabilization and gradual reintroduction of healthy carbohydrates

Phase 4


The Ideal Weight Lifestyle!


*Individual results may vary

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