The Innovative technology transfers Nitrogen Plasma Energy to the skin’s surface using a non-contact technique, producing controlled, uniform removal and regeneration of sun-damaged skin.

The PORTRAIT® Procedure:

Portrait PSR Reduces wrinkles of all sizes, treats sun-damaged skin, and improves skin tone and texture with a revolutionary treatment. Unlike many lasers, this unique clinically proven technology PSR, transfers heat energy deep into the dermis to initiate cutaneous regeneration, while preserving the skin’s outer layer (Epidermis) for several days following treatment. The intact outer layer of the skin serves as a natural, protective barrier during the healing process. As the new epidermis emerges the old skin will start to shed. With less trauma than the ablative procedurtes, healing is rapid. Recovery time is minimal and easily tolerated, while improvements are dramatic and long lasting. PORTRAIT changes the structure of the skin so that a new collagen matrix is generated. While some treatments lead to improved skin only at the surface, PORTRAIT alters the architecture below the surface creating unique conditions for continuing regeneration and long-lasting improvements in wrinkles, tone and texture.

What Makes PORTRAIT® Different From Other Available Treatments?

PORTRAIT PSR offers the benefits and results consistent with more aggressive laser treatments, but with the convenience and safety of a non-laser device. The treatment can be catered to suit one’s problem and lifestyle. You will see improvements in skin texture, color, tone, and fine lines with a single treatment that has significantly less discomfort and shorter recovery time than with more aggressive laser treatments. In addition, the PORTRAIT can be used to treat specific areas such as wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Dr. Khrom will help cater the appropriate treatment regimine for each patient.

Is The PORTRAIT Procedure Safe?

PORTRAIT is very safe and its heating effect is highly localized. It does not involve the kind of intense, non-specific light radiation found with resurfacing laser treatments, yet it delivers comparable results with fewer side effects.

What Does It Feel Like And How Long Does It Take?

You may experience a sensation of heat during this brief procedure. Generally a full face treatment can be completed in approximately 15 minutes. All treatments require application of a topical anesthetic before the procedure and a few injections of local anesthesia for improved comfort. During your initial consultation Dr. Khrom will recommend treatment settings appropriate for your skin type and the desired results.

How Long Will The Downtime And The Effects Last

After one week of sunburn-like recovery, the results will be seen almost immediately. However, one of the unique characteristics of PORTRAIT is that your skin will continue to improve over time. Patients from clinical studies have reported ongoing improvements even a year after treatment.

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