Vascular Lesions

Versapulse Laser: 3 Lasers in 1

Recent advances in laser technology enable us to treat several problems that involve faulty blood vessels without the severity of black and blue marks of earlier lasers.

The Versapulse laser is a 532nm KTP vascular laser that is highly effective for the reduction of vascular lesions of the skin of the face and body. This laser is a powerful green light that is pulsed through a cold crystal hand piece that cools the skin. The laser feels like a prick and results in immediate blanching (vessel disappears) of the blood vessel with a mild pink puffiness. The mild pink puffiness typically resolves in a few days. Versapulse is a very safe treatment and represents, in our experience, the best method for vessel destruction. Although the Versapulse blanches the vessel on the first treatment, the body will try to reopen these vessels within a few weeks. It is typical to have 1 to 3 or more treatments for long lasting clearance. Birthmarks, scars, and severe cases will respond as well but will require many more treatments.

Broken capillaries, red and raised scars, leg veins, rosacea, and persistent facial flushing are few of the several problems that we can safely and effectively treat with minimal downtime. This laser is also effective for spider angiomas, venous lakes (blue-purple bumps on the lower lip), facial, neck, and chest redness, vascular birthmarks, red stretch marks.

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